To enable Radar Data Logging: 

  • Log into DS-Live™
  • Under the Radar Options tab, click on Radar Setup
  • Complete the radar setup form

  • In the More Options section at the bottom check "Enable Data Logging" and setup the relevant Min and Max speeds.

  • Send this setup to the sign and it will start logging the radar data on the SD card.

To download these radar logs or to have them emailed to you or a client daily

  • Under Radar Options, click on Radar Data Log
  • Using the Radar Data Log tab, select the sign serial number from the drop-down list
  • Enter the email address/addresses to receive the log files
  • Click on the Add/Update button
  • Done.

You should receive an email every morning with the data log files attached.  Or you can return back to this page to download the files manually.