It is likely the sign is having difficulty communicating with our server over the internet.

NOTE: In case of a network interruption, the sign will continue displaying the current message / schedule.

FIRST, check the mobile number is correct in DS-Live™ under More Info.


  1. Check the main fuse in the control box and the small fuse at the bottom of the controller are not blown.
  2. Check the sign is powered up and the battery voltage is above 11 volts
  3. Check the antenna on the sign and ensure it is connected securely.
  4. Check the SIM and SD card are inserted properly in the controller.
  5. Restart the sign by pulling the fuse, waiting 10 seconds and reinserting the fuse.  After restarting; give it 5-10 minutes for it to establish communication.   
  6. Check the LED indicator in the controller.  It should be flashing green or purple.  If it is flashing any other colour please check the SIM card in step X

    X) To check if the SIM card is active and setup correctly:

  1. Switch off the sign by removing the main fuse
  2. Remove the SIM card and insert it in into a phone
  3. Check if you are able to make and receive calls
  4. Check if you are able to send and receive SMS
  5. Check if you can access the internet using mobile data (disable WIFI, you should see a 3G or 4G symbol around the network reception, screenshot below)

If any of the points in step X fail, please contact your SIM card provider and check the SIM is active with no outstanding dues.  Also ensure calls, SMS and mobile data (at least 150 MB) are enabled.

If the SIM card passes all the above tests in step X, then please click here to raise a Help Desk ticket.


  1. Call the mobile number.  If you DO NOT get a ring tone:
    1. The sign may have lost power supply, check the battery.
    2. The sign could be in a low reception area, check the antenna.
    3. The SIM card plan may not setup correctly, check steps X above.
  2. If you get a ring tone; send the mobile number an SMS query: .S123456.Q
  3. If you get a successful response:
    1. If the SIM is not from Telstra, please click here to lodge a Help Desk ticket with the name of your SIM card provider.
    2. It could be the mobile tower is congested.  Ensure you are on an M2M (machine-to-machine) priority plan.  Call you provider.
    3. It could be network connection issues.  Contact your provider and check if you have enough mobile data allowance.  We recommend at least (150 MB)
    4. It could be a hardware failure and the sign needs to be restarted manually (check steps A above).
  4. If you DO NOTget a response, try sending the SMS query again one more time.
    1. If that fails, it could be a hardware failure and the sign needs to be restarted manually (check steps A above) or the controller has a fault and needs to be serviced.

After following the above steps, if your sign is still offline then please click here to raise a Help Desk ticket describing the steps you have already taken.

Please download and fill the PDF form and send controller to our Victoria service center at:

Data Signs

5 Grace Court,

Sunshine West

Vic 3020