If you get an SD card Read/Write error in DS-Live™, it is time to replace the SD card in the sign.

Click on the link below to location the SD card in a sign.

NOTE: We do not recommend purchasing an SD Card from a 3rd party as it may be incompatible with our products. Please purchase the SD card from Parts Online (Part No.: 22067) as they are pre-formatted to work correctly with any Data Signs product.

1. Insert a new SD card in the controller or reformat the current SD card following the instructions below.

2. If you have inserted a new card and still getting a Read/Write error then it is possible the SD card may not be formatted or formatted incorrectly.  You can check this by inserting the SD card in a computer.

Click on the link below and follow the steps to format the SD card.

3. Restart the sign by pulling the fuse and give it 20 minutes for a fresh data download and check if the SD card is OK.

After following all the above steps, if you still get an SD card read/write error then it could be a hardware failure in the controller.  

Please ship the controller down to our Victorian service center along with a Service Request Form:

Data Signs - Electronic Service Center

5 Grace Court,

Sunshine West 3020

Melbourne, Victoria