End of the line for 3G

Telstra has announced it will be shutting down the 3G network in June 2024.  Optus and Vodafone are taking similar steps.

With the increased adoption of newer 4G services, usage of the 3G network has declined globally. With better technology planned in the pipeline; Telstra will decommission its 3G coverage in 2024.  With this, your 3G controller will not be able to connect to the mobile network and will not be online any more.  

How to identify your controller?

Your controller will have a sticker on the front showing the model such as RM-32, RM-32B or RM-32C.

In DS-Live you can see how many of these controllers are affected.

RM-32 and RM-32B are legacy controllers and will need to be replaced with a new 4G controller.

Please click here to book your sign for a 3G upgrade

Please click here to book your sign for a 3G upgrade

RM-32C controllers (refer picture below) have a 3G module fitted inside and can be retro fitted with a 4G module.
The controller must be send back to Data Signs service centre for this upgrade.  When the upgrade is done, an additional aerial set will also be supplied as part of the upgrade. This is required for the 4G module to work optimally. 

You can send the RM-32C controller to either our QLD or VIC Service Centre.

Our Electronic Service Center is located at:
Data Signs - Electronic Service Center

When booking your VMS for a 3G to 4G upgrade, please attach the following pictures giving us a overview of your sign so we can properly assess the upgrade and provide you with a quote. (click to enlarge images)

VMS Front
VMS Back
Inside Control Box
Control Panel

LED Front
LED Back

Supplementary notes:
The upgrade kit as supplied has been checked and is in good working order, please note that as a result of installing equipment into a old product, unintended faults or issues may arise.  Whilst we are here to help we cannot guarantee a flawless upgrade to your equipment.

It is strongly recommended that this work be carried out by qualified service personnel with electrical wiring qualifications.