This behavior indicates an SD card read/write issue or it can be a connection issue with the SD card socket.

Please remove the SD Card and reformat it.  Make sure it is Formatted to FAT32  or insert a new SD card in the sign and re-send the schedule again.  See FAQ, How to Format an SD Card.

It may also be your region is not set correctly for the State or territory your trailer is operating in. see below sample is set to VICTORIA TIME ZONE

If this is not correct for your state or territory, you can update the region of the sign in DS-Live™ under the More Info section.

The other issue may be, the GPS signal is not being received. 

On earlier models  you need ensure you are running correct firmware version as there was a GPS update required after April 2019

Model firmware should be as a minimum  as at May 2019 for the controller models show below;

RM-32      06.03.11        Note this controller is Legacy and may need replacing if continued unreliable operation persists.

RM-32B    07.05.49

RM-32C    07.07.21

RM-32D    08.00.36

If this does not fix the problem then please contact the Help Desk to arrange for Service to your Sign